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Two people share this tiny, 240-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn and living room — is a mere 140 square feet. The $1,500-a-month studio also has tiny bathroom off to one side, a 4-square-foot closet in the hallway, and a sleeping loft built over We shall see.) There are a number of things I like about living in a studio apartment. Since I don’t have a lot of space and prefer a minimalist decor, there isn’t a lot of upkeep involved. It’s pretty easy to keep the area clean and everything in its A studio apartment is expected to be small she set out to make a stunning transformation that will challenge everything you thought you knew about decorating small spaces. For one, there’s nary a futon to be found — the bed is in a loft NEW YORK — Sam Neuman jokes that he doesn’t casually throw off his coat when he gets home at night — it would take up half his apartment. Such is life in his walk-up studio a few blocks from Manhattan’s bustling Times Square. At 280 square feet To renovate the three-bedroom apartment, he called on Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli, partners in Studio Peregalli, an acclaimed Milanese architecture and design firm. The financier had seen their work—rooms that were dreamlike evocations of Taking a one room studio and converting it into a multi-use living space may seem challenging, but it is possible as long as you use a few simple tricks, writes Pamela Natukunda. For those who prefer simplicity on a small budget, opting for a studio .
When you have a truly luxurious apartment, your decor needs to reflect that. It won’t do to have a spacious apartment, glowing with wood floors or marble counter tops, decorated in the same furniture you used in your old studio. Instead, bring your new and Noah, a gassy, 12-year-old standard poodle, both of whom commute to including 40 paintings, 2 bureaus, 5 side tables, 10 fabrics, 2 round folding tables he deploys for dinner parties of up to 8 people (though he has a china service My studio apartment features a kitchen you can actually walk into Oddly, every visitor who sees my apartment wants to move in. (Could it be my decorating talents?) When am I leaving for Israel, asks an Israeli tourist with designs. .

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