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“Essentially, a living room amongst his cars, the ‘man cave’ has become a popular concept for car collectors. The six Porsche Design Tower Miami ‘man caves’ are priced from $1.8 to $2.5 million and even feature ocean views.” A rendering shows Pier 1 Imports currently has 9 stores located through out South Carolina, to find the one nearest your home, see: Pier 1 Imports Take a look at these links and suggestions on how to pull together a living room using items found at this wonderful store and Lest you think ASUS’ Computex 2013 range is all tablets and glossy ultrabooks, never fear: the company also has some new desktop PCs, kicking off with the Mac mini-rivaling VivoPC and its matching hybrid VivoMouse controller. Angling for a spot under your Living Rooms explores the past, present and future of domestic life. Tags: House, interior design, modernism In 1950, industrial designers Mary and Russel Wright published the “Guide to Easier Living,” a handbook for the modern home intended Having a pet is pretty much like having a spouse when it comes to designing the interior of your home; The design has to work for both of you, or you may come home one day to your things shredded. The living room of this “I-Chi Cat House” was designed by If you’re looking to give your home a digital makeover, both Apple and Microsoft have some ideas. The two companies last week each revealed new pieces to their digital living room strategy, aiming to move beyond their core strengths. At the .
You notice it as soon as you walk in a room – that amazing throw pillow that seems to pull together the whole design of a show room, that splendid garden room you saw on the local home tour, or your neighbor’s screened porch. Simple throw pillows can Living rooms often fall into one of two categories: Stuffy, overly formal spaces filled with imposing furniture and antiques that often go unused; or cluttered dens stuffed with technology and comfy-but-ugly furniture. Neither scenario exactly inspires For many years, I have watched as fashion trends on the runway have spilled over into home fashion trends and this year is no exception. Just as I was getting ready to write this column, the thick New York Times Style Magazine landed on my stoop, and I Much of the interiors we see today use high levels of color. While the photos look great in magazines, some are not too comfy with such a high use of color in their homes. This article will give some simple tips on how to incorporate color in your space. .

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