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While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that interior design school graduates go on to earn about $44,000 annually, landscape architects are earning $62,000 per year. Working as a landscape architect doesn’t mean slaving in the hot sun Lead the Interior Design team in creating, establishing, and ensuring an optimal visual level in the store that contributes to realizing commercial objectives, and secures IKEA’s position as the leading home furnishing company in your local market. Eco-friendly jobs are going to be hot in 2009 as the Obama administration, as well as the new Congress, focus on green jobs as part of their economic stimulus measures. The Kaplan College Guide, which ranks US colleges, even listed its top ten green EDUCATION: I have a bachelor’s degree from Johnson and Wales University, Providence, R.I. I studied business and marketing. I was in that field and decided to follow my passion for interior design. I went to work for Domain, as it matched my design style. The term “people-friendly” is often used when addressing the topic of human factors in interior design. This phrase, however, does not refer only to the effect of the product on overall human health. It also includes, in that philosophy, company labor Ultimately work as a self-employed interior designer or work for a top interior design firm What is the best part of the job? A. Seeing the project through from initial visualised concept to completion is satisfying, and delighted customers are always .
Design responsibilities primarily involve engineering design of new and derivative versions of interior furnishings and amenities as Additional responsibilities are out lined in the job description and as assigned by the Structural/Mechanical To prepare working drawings and specifications for interior construction Sales Department to know about the pricing and sales of products. 6. To formulate the design plan and estimates costs with the use of CAD, to present it to the client and make to keep a very detailed record of all daily work and number of hours spent on behalf of a client to execute an interior design job. And at the end of each month, within the duration of the project, clients are billed as per the number of hours expended Successful candidates need to have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience designing interior environments. We seek strong 3D modeling and sketching skills with high quality 3D interior rendering skills as well. You also need a degree in interior design .

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