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It’s a new year and you might like to refresh your interiors, make them look more polished and more personalized. To get a new look, it’s not always necessary to complete a total room makeover, or even open a can of paint. Replacing one or two This doesn’t mean you should buy a living room in a box Thoughtful placement of the elements in a room can establish an overall feeling of wonderfulness, as in the space by designer Betsy Brown, in the gallery above. You want to encourage The Waterdream, a new makes-you-wonder hybrid, freshens up the bathing experience by taking it out of the bathroom. Product design mashups are strange beasts. But few are as strange as this hybrid bathroom-living room fixture that turns a floor lamp into a Name the color of the Addams Family’s living room wallpaper! Black? Brown? Corpse green? Wrong! The correct answer is pink? Ever since famed New Yorker Addams Family set reveals that the black-and-white world we think TV’s most morbid family Living Rooms explores the past, present and future of domestic life. Tags: House, interior design, modernism In 1950, industrial designers Mary and Russel Wright published the “Guide to Easier Living,” a handbook for the modern home intended You may be moving into a brand new residence or renovating and updating your existing space. This task, be it one room or many, can be overwhelming and often expensive. However, by taking some simple steps, this process will not only be rewarding, it will .
A full-scale replica of the Eames House living room is a key component of the exhibition “Living in a Modern Way: California Design 1930-1965,” opening Oct. 1 at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Just how did the museum pull it off? Looking for design ideas specifically for the kitchen? Or the kids’ bedrooms? Or space-crunched bathrooms? The L.A. at Home team has been developing Home Inspiration galleries where you can click through, see different types of rooms and borrow The living room is the most lived in room in any home. It’s where guests are received and entertained. Where families spend down time during weekends, and the most apparent part of the home to reflect the owners’ personality and reflect their hobbies .

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