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Japanese designers Alex Knezo and Akinori Hamada of Studio_01 have designed a studio apartment with customizable living spaces. Called the ‘Barcode room’, it is composed of moveable walls or bars (thus, its name) that are able to slide freely from side The split-level floorplan creates the illusion of separate spaces without using any walls or dividers. Although the bi-level design does wonders for the space, Baillargeon cautions that a too-low ceiling height can make in the middle of your living The apartment is located on the first floor of a building raised in the last century in the central area of Timisoara, within an area of protected buildings. From the first design sketches we tried to get distance from the interventions that have become While some bachelor pads end up as filthy man-caves littered with game console controllers and dumpster-dive furniture, this Alan Chu-designed micro apartment is not one of them. Even at a mere 380 square feet, the Sao Paulo home feels spacious and clutter The development team plans to present plans for L&N Parkside at this morning business center and all but the studio apartments will have their own balcony. Pricing is expected to range from $1,200 per month for a studio to $2,000 or more for a Nothing says arrested development like a stagnated apartment. Stop giving the appearance of living in your childhood bedroom years after your prime and take this opportunity to “adult-ify” your studio apartment. Find fabulous curtains and cover those blinds. .

TECHNOGRAPH Moscow architectural studio extended its Design Concept as a Gift! campaign to the end of the summer of 2013. According to its terms, anyone who will sign the contract for renovation of an apartment, office or vacation home before September 1 New York City is seeking proposals for the design of a “micro-unit” apartment building in Manhattan as part of a program to address a shortage of studio and one-bedroom rentals. The project calls for a building composed primarily of Terence Riley, the chief architecture and design curator at the Museum of Modern Art, has lived in a studio apartment in a 1960′s white-brick building in the West Village for 10 years. Riley, 50, is at work on an exhibition of new Spanish .

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