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There is no doubt the quirky apartments of Girls are as integral to the show as the characters the pièce de résistance being the large printed couch. ‘This one has a nice graphic print that I loved. Feminine but still graphic. The surrounding neighborhood consists mostly of apartment blocks that date back from the 70’s. The buildings are large with enough space in-between and plenty of greenery. Because the whole area is built in relatively short period of time and not very AFTER living in assorted roommate situations, Brian Landman bought his first apartment seven years ago. He paid $245,000 for a standard-issue studio in a postwar co-op building on East 35th Street in Murray Hill. His monthly maintenance was in During his eight years living and working in Atlanta, Brad Minor constantly declared his intention to move to New York. “I became the boy who cried, ‘New York,’ ” he said. At last, four years ago, he landed a job in his field, public When I started apartment can’t do that. I’ve made my bed every day for the past three weeks. So I suppose you could say living in a studio has forced me to be more conscientious about putting things away, but there’s nothing wrong with that. People The project involves a dormitory with 180 studios on the site of the Stade de Ladoumègue in Paris in 19th district. The plot of the building is part of urban development done by Reichen & Robert architects. By early 2012, the Paris tram will pass by the .

Strips of perforated fabric are tacked onto the facades of this house near Amsterdam by Dutch architects CC-Studio and Studio TX. The design for Fabric Facade Studio Apartment was developed in collaboration with client and artist Rob Veening. A month ago, he finally zeroed in on the perfect house: a studio apartment at Wagholi costing Rs 8.5 lakh. “The main advantage is that my monthly outgo for the house will remain the same since the EMI will be equal to the rent that I am paying. Singapore based architect Kevin Lim of Studio SKLIM has completed the renovation of a public housing apartment in Singapore, where the space is organised by large wooden cabinets. Called Redhill Apartment, the project incorporates an entrance hall, living .

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