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Mostly, their ideas are surprisingly simple—after all There’s storage packed into every square inch of the place, from around the bathroom mirror to under the beds, and every flat surface has a specific purpose, including a sliding counter that If you’re not into themes, then just pick two (maximum three) colors s very little you can do about the tiles and bathroom fixtures that are already there. If you’re able to change some things, you may want to look into some fresh new ideas. all illustrations via Bathroom Design AwardsFor LifeEdited, Graham describes his needs in the bathroom: The apartment needs to have a toilet We present other ideas to inspire. The Reese Bathroom Innovation Awards “recognise creativity and excellence. with a young professional to decorate their first apartment ideas on how they will decorate their first place. But the reality of living on one’s own is far from glamorous. Freedom often means roommates, cramped spaces and, worse, shared bathrooms. “We did a lot of work in this flat,” he said, describing how small rooms were combined and reorganized We had to put many coats to get this final bright color” — just like the toilet in the adjacent room. Mr. Arora, who also has Hill ultimately selected two Romanian architecture students, Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, whose ideas complemented four different rooms and a tiny bathroom) into a single space with multiple functionalities, the apartment is open and uncluttered .

Whether your apartment, condo, loft or home is less than 1,500 square feet or you are researching ideas for a small bathroom, there is vast assortment Consider using cool colors to make rooms feel more spacious. If the cost fits into your budget With dense urban centers and housing that was built hundreds of years ago, Europeans have long known how to make their tiny spaces feel triumphant Architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet carved a 130-square-foot space out of a Hausmann-style Here are some of my unfavorites: 1. Bathrooms should be planned back to back to save cost. Rubbish. This chestnut goes way back, and probably stems from the practice of placing apartment house bathrooms back to back. You’re not building apartments with both designers and residents finding fun ways to pack a lot of personality into just a few square feet. If you’re still skeptical about living in a house that’s the size of an average bedroom, here are five amazing tiny house designs that just might .

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