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School’s out for the holidays very soon, and chances are your child’s teacher is as relieved as your child! After all of those months of lecturing, coaching, mentoring and inspiring, many educators receive a token of appreciation at Christmas from remember if you like more than one of these Top 10 Christmas Gift ideas then use one for a birthday gift later in the year. From the top electronics to some of the newest and neatest toys for Christmas 2010 it’s time to have a look at our Almost one in three people expects to keep hold of unwanted gifts this Christmas and recycle them as presents next year, survey results show. Two thirds of us receive at least one gift we don’t want each Christmas, according to research by musicmagpie.co Unless you have been REALLY good this year — like, Mother Theresa good — here are six ridiculously expensive luxury items that definitely won’t be under your Christmas tree. Maybe you should have played the Powerball this time. There’s TEAM USING THE WTAE APP. NEW AT 5:00, IT’S ONE OF THOSE STORIES THAT MAKES YOU SO MAD. THE SEARCH IS ON FOR THE THIEVES WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. TONIGHT, THE UNUSUAL RESPONSE FROM THE VICTIMS. Reporter: IT’S NOT JUST ONE HOUSE THAT HAS HAD A PHOENIX — A series of government audits showed Arizona retailers are not overcharging customers for Christmas-themed products. Inspectors from the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures audited 34 retailers statewide to verify if holiday .
Online shopping skyrockets around this time of year as people Christmas light displays, and more. Do a bit of research and you may be able to find a bunch of cool events that your friends or family members will enjoy. The temptation to spend is strong New York: It’s tough to shop for techies. They already own everything with a plug or rechargeable battery. But fear not, a slew of unique technology gifts have hit the market just in time for Christmas. Here’s a roundup of some of the season’s most offbeat During the holiday’s we often work hard to make the season bright for children. But there are others out there who may not have any holiday cheer. Seniors in the area sometimes don’t get a Christmas present at all. The Hillsborough County Department of but there are some unique shopping opportunities during the holiday season that can be enjoyable for the whole family. Traditional Christmas markets, originating in Europe but now popping up all over the globe, provide a celebratory atmosphere and seasonal .

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