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THERE are things New York apartments typically lack — a yard, a parking place, a washer-dryer. But there is one thing they do possess: floor plans, most often derived from buildings’ original marketing materials. Floor plans are important You can’t actually live in the homes or apartments of your favorite TV characters, but now you can get your hands on the floor plans. Meticulously drawn floor plan art featuring famous homes from shows like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, and Sometimes it feels like we know the homes in our favourite TV shows better than our own. These three artists certainly do, having spent years sketching out the living spaces of some of the most loved U.S. sitcoms from over the decades. GRAND RAPIDS, MI – An apartment plan for Eastown’s business district has gone back Developers next month plan to to file a revised project that would include some ground-floor retail. “We are definitely going to lose a unit or two,” said John Builders Inc. has posted floor plans for its Corner 365 apartments going up at First and Waco downtown. Brad Smisor, executive vice president of Builders Inc., says the 36-unit property is scheduled for completion Feb. 1. Smisor says Builders Assistant editor and entertainment writer. University of Missouri grad. Will listen to any song and watch any TV show, movie, or cute puppy video at least once (but probably twice). Eats ice cream or fro-yo daily—extra points if it has coconut. .
As discussed at this morning’s tour, the average apartment size at the Auburn is 615 square feet. Here’s a sample floor plan for the 54 one-bedrooms and another one for the four studios. Ready to move in? Michael Martorelli is the leasing manager to contact. Interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde creates floor plans for iconic TV homes and explains why Rachel and Monica’s apartment is even less believable than you thought. It’s long required some suspension of disbelief to allow that the characters on It only happens on TV: People living in the best apartments money can buy in the middle of New York City (but seemingly never spending any time at a job to pay for them). For the rest of us, we’ll never have Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone .

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