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Living room decorations - store that sells the style of furniture needed and offers valuable services that help determine the best living room furniture for the home. Higher end furniture stores offer room planning services. These services often come with the understanding Stick to a strict palette Nothing makes a room feel more pulled-together than color. One way to streamline a palette is to think in threes—two main colors as in the space by designer Betsy Brown, in the gallery above. of your small living spaces with these inspiring decorating ideas and tips on decorating limited-space living rooms, kitchens and other rooms. Usually, the living room is not only used by the family members, but its also the place where guests are While the kitchen may be the heart of the home for many people, the living room is often the main area where most entertaining and conversation happens. A well laid out living room caters to that idea and makes the space a comfortable gathering Looking for design ideas specifically for the kitchen? Or the kids’ bedrooms? Or space-crunched bathrooms? The L.A. at Home team has been developing Home Inspiration galleries where you can click through, see different types of rooms and borrow Corinne Abbott and Bob Schmitt of Vienna said their sunken living room has become a hazard. “We’ve had several accidents as guests who are unfamiliar with our home have lost their footing,” she wrote. She likes to entertain, so the room must be .

Mount the TV on the wall to save space Position it above the fireplace so you don’t end up with two separate focal points fighting for attention. Fit open shelves Allow plenty of space for books, DVDs, CDs and framed photographs – and add boxes so you can Decorating is part of my hobby. I love looking in catalogs to get ideas for my own home. Originally I had warm tones in my living room but when I bought the condo I decided I needed a change of decor. So I went with cooler tones in the couch *Note: This was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Do you have a personal finance story that you’d like to share? Sign up with the Yahoo! Contributor Network to start publishing your own finance articles. Decorating a living room can be expensive. We recently moved to a new house, and I need help with decorating. I have some pictures, and some rules! And then you can help with ideas? Please? Oh, and ignore the clottery type stuff – we’re still sorting through things to give them happy places! .

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