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For students leaving home for the fall semester, moving into an apartment or dorm can be an exciting opportunity to set their own wake-up times, live with college-age roommates The Oracle points out how to expand decorating on the cheap. Finding inexpensive decorating solutions for an apartment is a snap. Everything from bedroom furniture to wall paint can make an apartment more homey. A new apartment is an exciting environment. Whether it’s an individual loft or a shared space, there Little space. Bland walls. Outdated fixtures. These are just some of the challenges apartment dwellers face when attempting to make their place feel like home. Luckily, there are decorating tips to make these often box-like spaces feel more personal. Whether it’s your dorm or your college apartment, celebrate this upcoming season by bringing some life into your home without actually buying anything new. **5 Chic and Simple Recycled Decor Tips** 1. Recycled Mosaic Kitchen Art: Advertising Parents of college-age students have a whole different back-to-school This generation is very focused on decorating their new living space, says Pam Goodfellow, consumer insights director for the federation. More students will live in off-campus In the past few years, vinyl has risen in popularity with people ranging from high-end designers to college students. If it’s not in your home already, you’ve probably seen it used on various do-it-yourself home-decorating shows. Jordy Kirkman, a student .
it feel more like home and Pomona West Apartments offers safe decorating tips for renters. PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 22, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/– Pomona West Apartments offers college students affordable living options. But just like renters in other Below is a slideshow of the most common posters students can be on the look out for in residence halls and apartments. Are all college students just a series of cliches? You be the judge! Which one is the most common in your opinion? Let us know For many college kids, the dorms are home for all four years So once the keys are in hand, here are some tips on decorating the off-campus nest. Planning your space Typically, kids choose a group of friends to live with to share costs. So while shopping for apartment décor with a roommate, Hagler found himself wholly a website specifically designed to help college students design their dorms and apartments. That day at Target, he knew he could make something better, something .

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