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Kitchen design used to be simple: It was all about the work triangle, allowing the cook to move efficiently from refrigerator to range to sink. Now, though, designers have more complex calculations to make. After all, the work triangle never accounted for The kitchen is the hub of most homes, evolving into an area that offers as much personal style as a living or family room, says a regional winner of a national design contest. Joanne Hudson of Joanne Hudson & Associates Ltd. in Philadelphia is the Eastern The kitchen is often the heart, soul and gathering place of your home, but what do you do when you want to cook at home and entertain and your kitchen is tiny? The best small kitchen designs we’ve seen help make the most of whatever amount of space is at AFTER YEARS OF HUNKERING DOWN and spending less on renovations, many homeowners are ready to start giving in to the desire to cook up something new in their kitchens. “During the recession,” says Fred Miller, managing director of the Florida Often the goal in redesigning a kitchen is to improve the traditional “work triangle”—the path between the refrigerator, the food prep area, and the cooking area. The standard work triangle puts the sink midway between the refrigerator and the oven “Kitchens are the heart of any home,” says John Starck, founder of Showcase Kitchens Manhasset. “Families gather in this room more than any other.” Kitchens have supplanted formal dining and living rooms, serving to nourish both the body and soul. .

There’s no denying that a good kitchen design can really make a home. But while most of us are happy with a nice table, decent appliances and enough space to open the oven door, some people want a show stopper they can cook, eat and even The kitchen is the social center of the home. Great cuisine provides a magnetic attraction that brings together family and friends. It is one of the most difficult of rooms to organize, necessitating good judgment and planning to eradicate wasted energy .

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