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office1 Office Interior Designs
Elegant Office Interior Designs by Varrel
The Office interior designs is a process of arranging office work space in a certain way to provide benefits for workers and also for those who not only work in the office is for them (guests) who stopped in the office.
Comfortable atmosphere and conducive office is one of the most important factors for employees to be able to work productively. In addition, a comfortable office interior layout also affects the work of the employees. The interior is comfortable office could be created with a view and accommodate all the needs of employees who could be adapted also to the type of work performed by these employees.
The layout of the space and goods are also very influential in the activity to – day work. Setting the office furniture and office decorations in a room must have a clear purpose and function. Nice layout by function will simplify and make more efficient a job.
Here are some tips for you to make the office interior designs become more comfortable :
- Selection of colors
We recommend that you apply a neutral color such as beige, white, gray, light blue or light green. Do not incorporate too many colors and you should choose no more than two colors.
- Selection of texture
Textured walls, accent walls, gravel and brick elements can be design ideas in designing the modern office interior design.
- Selection of furniture
Customize the style of your office furniture with the color scheme and theme of your office interior design.
- Lighting systems
Lighting system should not be direct employees of the eye. Wherever possible natural light enter into the room. Use vitrase to order the incoming sunlight was too bright.
- Accessories
You can put a painting, decorative sculptures, or photographs that illustrate how your business on the wall. The creative process of interior design accessories will make your office more lively.
- Plant
Plants in the office interior design must be soothing atmosphere, giving oxygen supply and add to the aesthetics.
- Informal Areas
This area is used to dilute the atmosphere of tension that is usually felt in the office. Areas such as the dining room, lounge and patio should be present in the office interior design. (Source from
Please try… Hopefully your office become more comfortable and fun to make your passion for work …

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