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December 5, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Special ornaments decorate this year’s Christmas tree at Wrigley Field. There are 100 of them to mark the ballpark’s 100th anniversary. The tree topper is the number 100. The team also kicked off a holiday toy drive. TODAY millions of American children will be opening gifts left under Christmas trees. Sadly, many of those trees are decorated with ornaments produced by involuntary child labor. Just this month, an advocacy network, the Global March Against Tourists stopping at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center often ask if there’s a Fredericksburg christmas ornament. This year, the center’s manager and the owner of a downtown boutique held a contest to create one. The winner is a blue pottery out of aluminum foil by twisting a narrow piece of foil into a ring that you can then set the ornament on to keep it upright in the oven. Bake ornament according to directions on the polymer clay wrapping. Allow to cool. Place metal cap Some people are content to decorate their trees with more traditional trimmings of holiday festivity: white lights, candy canes, and tinsel. But if you’d like to add a little style to the boughs for your seasonal celebrations, we’ve assembled a collection Thanksgiving didn’t even get the whole day this year as Christmas swept us all into the season with Black Thursday/Friday and Cyber Monday. My favorite part of this year’s shopping madness (apart from the fact that I was nowhere near a crowded mall .
The Artist Formerly Known as President George W. Bush is getting into the merchandising game (way to build your brand, George!) with a $30 christmas ornament that contains a reproduction of Dubya’s painting of a cardinal. “Well, I’ve Add this to your holiday wish list. You can own a piece of President-turned-painter George W. Bush’s artwork in your own home. A christmas ornament featuring Bush’s painting of a cardinal is a must-buy this holiday season at the Bush Center’s Retailers are selling practically every conceivable Christmas ornament you can think of, from the sweetly sacred to the oddly amusing, but chances are you won’t remember where or when you got each one in a year or two. But if you make your tree ornaments Christmas will be here before you know it. Are you still trying to find a great little gift? Or does your tree need a little sprucing up this year? Making holiday ornaments is a great family activity with a rewarding return. A handmade ornament .

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